trish bendix

Don’t “Leave Home” without her

Posted in Uncategorized by trishbendix on May 15, 2009

If you’re a fan of graphic novels, drugs or lesbian sex, I suggest you pick up Cristy Road‘s Bad Habits. The queer artist/writer makes some really amazingly sexy, political and sometimes grotesque work. 

I bought a print of “Never Give Up” recently from Women and Children first and put it in my bedroom.


If you’re in Cristy’s home borough of Brooklyn tonight, hit up her group show, Leave Home, at Death By Audio. It’s a collaborative with three other female artists (Kate Wadkins, Lauren Denitzio and Tamara Waite-Santibanez) with a focus on the changing landscape of Brooklyn and how they maintain their identities while living there.

Ms. Road is also in a band called The Homewreckers (aka greatest name for a band I’ve heard in forever). They play house shows and venues described as “anonymous dirtyqueerpunkparty.” If I were in NY, I’d be trying to get invited.


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