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Then all the colors will bleed into one

Posted in Uncategorized by trishbendix on February 22, 2008

Crust has been open for nine months down the street from me and I still hadn’t gone until last night. Last spring, we’d talk excitedly about the organic pizzeria as it was being built, the huge “eat real” sign marking its spot on Division Ave. We’d made many plans to go, but they had always fallen through for one reason or another. Finally, Rachel, Jamie and I ate dinner there last night, and it was worth a wait.

They were playing Cat Power when we first came in and ordered some organic cocktails. I had some sort of apple ale beerini, which was a good choice. Jamie also ordered a cocktail, and Rachel went boring with a beer.

They switched to Fleetwood Mac for dinner, and Rachel was revved up about hurrying home to watch the debate. She’s on Team Hilary, and kept saying “The dream is over!” while we assured her it wasn’t (still isn’t, completely).

Megan came over during the debate, and while looking through the Reader at apartments for her, I decided to read the “I Saw You” section of missed connections.

Here’s one from FKA!” I said, beginning to read it aloud. Though I hadn’t went to the dance party this month, I still thought it might be someone we know. Certainly, it was.

“I wrote that,” Megan admitted. She was searching for a girl named Mary she’d met, and still hasn’t been able to locate. Mary made her own vest, and Megan thought she’d made a fool of herself. Mary, if you read my blog, Megan promises to behave better next time.

“Why didn’t you use Craigslist?” I asked her.

“I don’t like Craigslist,” Megan said. I didn’t ask her why not–perhaps it is too public or too saturated with other requests of “I saw you but you didn’t see me so I’m wasting my time being a creep-out.” Megan’s is more well-intended, and hopefully Mary is looking to be found.


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  1. jamiemurnane said, on February 22, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    remember when i had not one, but two tiny $12 cocktails? hahaha. “you can’t argue with catpower”

  2. Megan said, on February 23, 2008 at 1:20 am

    I’d also like to add that, yes, after every FKA I go to craigslist hoping someone MC’ed me. Hasn’t happened yet.

    Also, I’d be embarrassed if someone from FKA knew it was me and called me out on my Missed Connection. I already feel like such a lame wad at FKA anyways, I don’t want to be publicly humiliated.

    and, Kelli and I were pretty drunk and screaming out “MINKIS SQUARED” which is a running joke from high school. and I think we bored Mary to death with the drunk rambling story of why we call each other Minkis.

    I am a quirky complicated being.

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