trish bendix

They’re far but I can see ’em

Posted in Uncategorized by trishbendix on February 20, 2008

Just now I was on my way back from lunch with Jamie when I saw a Streetwise seller standing outside of the Art Institute. He was yelling at a couple who had come down the steps and onto the sidewalk.

“You could have made my dreams come true!” he shouted.

The man in the couple had stopped and turned around briskly, and I thought for a minute he might strike the Streetwise worker or say something rude in his face.

“I could have made your dreams come true, huh?” the man asked. Then he took out his wallet, and started to hand the worker some cash. He was smiling.

“That’s right,” the worker said cheerily. “I can get warm tonight!”

If only it didn’t always take someone else to make your dreams come true. But a lot of it depends on you and how hard you’re willing to work in the first place. The Streetwise man could be sitting like the others, in front of a Dunkin Donuts repeating “Streetwise, Streetwise”; instead he’s seemed to be receiving some respect, not pity, from a stranger. It’s actually very close to what everyone else dreams of.


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