trish bendix

They’re looking for a little romance

Posted in Uncategorized by trishbendix on February 14, 2008

When I came home last night, my sister was singing “Lady in Red” to Kevin, who was unimpressed. I couldn’t help but chime in, right around “I have never seen that dress you’re wearing, or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes/I have been blind.” It’s so ridiculously cheesy, yet perfect because of it. You hear “Lady in Red” in two kinds of places: the dentist’s office and high school dances (in the 1990s, at least.)

I had a roommate my freshman year of college that was scared of Phil Collins because she associated his easy listening tunes with the doctor’s office. She was really into death metal and worked as a dominatrix, yet her worst fear was Phil Collins. When I worked at the record store, I took one of his big, bald-headed posters and put it above her bed. It was also fun to start singing “Sussudio” at any given moment.

“Lady in Red,” in the same vein of Phil Collins and Eric Claption, is just so awful, it’s amazing. It’s just one of those songs that with nostalgia, repetitive choruses and a range of about five notes to hit, it’s probably one of the most recognizable songs in America, and yet how many people even know who Chris De Burgh is or think about how stupid it is that a red dress is giving this broad a bunch of suitors at the same place on one night? And really, if he “hardly knows” this beauty by his side, then it’s not really all that incredible that he’s never seen her look as beautiful “the way she looks tonight.” Gotta love the Lady in Red.


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