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Function is the key

Posted in Uncategorized by trishbendix on November 27, 2007

I know it’s the end of the year when I’m writing round-ups, best of’s, and gift guides. I wasn’t ready to jump right back into work from Thanksgiving, though, so last night I grabbed a coffee on the way home and read for the entire night, until I went to bed. I took time out only to eat some dinner, make occasional comments to Jamie, and take Stella outside. It was pretty awesome. I’m trying to learn how to relax, but in my reading I came across a study that tells me I’m bound to be uptight based on my close proximity to the sounds of traffic, loud stereos, and barking dogs.

I actually work pretty well under the circumstances, though. I am not one of those people who “need a room” to write. I barely even use my desk. My iBook travels nicely, so I do most of my work on my couch, or at Blend or Alliance if I want to change up the scenery. Sometimes working outside of my apartment works best, especially if I have dishes or laundry staring at me, but it’s not completely necessary.

Jamie is my total opposite. She prefers to write at home, but she also prefers to be alone. She procrastinates and takes a little longer than I do, but she loves in person interviews. I’m still amazed she went to two nudist camps for the sake of a story.

There are certainly times when being in the same profession can be less than fun: we are both aware of the industry and the job market, and with our similar interests, sometimes it’s a give or take. We’ve been able to maintain our separate careers for the most part, though, and developed our particular areas of coverage and interests so that they are moving a little bit away from one another all the time. I feel lucky to have her available to me at all times, as an editor or as a soundboard to bounce ideas off of. It works to my advantage, and vice versa.

Even though she has to write alone, I will get an e-mail from across town from Jamie, asking for my opinion or rephrasing of a sentence, and sometimes I get to annoy her with my frustrations in person (i.e. “What’s another word for…..” or “What language does this editor speak!?”) It’s been that way since we met at the college newspaper, and it’s worked alright for us despite not having our own “rooms.”


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  1. j said, on November 27, 2007 at 5:29 pm

    this a) made my day and b) made me really want a coffee and bagel from alliance, but it’s not bagel saturday. damn! xoxo

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