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Maybe a mic, some handwipes, a typewriter, and a hammer.

Posted in Uncategorized by trishbendix on November 18, 2007

I have an obsession with the typewriter image. It’s inked on my arm for eternity, but I also love to have pictures, postcards, magnets, and all other memorabilia possible that includes a typewriter image as it serves as a sort of inspirational symbol for me. I think it stems from using my dad’s typewriter when I was young and first thought that it was a writer’s life for me. It’s a romantic symbol of that life, and so I’m constantly on a scavenger hunt for typewriters on anything.

I lucked out at the DIY Trunk Show today and found two different cards at the same vendor. One has a basic typewriter symbol and the other has the symbol with the words “you never write, you never call.” I plan on framing them to add to my collection.

Jamie and I also purchased a screen printed Division el sign, which I found perfect for my recent reaffirmation that I’m in love with this city, and most likely a Midwestern girl for life.

The craft fair was packed, despite it being a gloomy, wet day, and I found some other ideas for Christmas gifts, collecting business cards from interesting tables. I personally enjoyed a booth that sold jewelry made out of Scrabble letters and phrases, but am not a fan of dangley earrings so had to resist the purchase.

All of the gift possibilities were a reminder that Christmas is closing in on me, despite summer just having ended. The lighting ceremony and parade downtown was playing on the television at the gym tonight, and sporadic trees on my stretch of Division are lit as well.

Jamie and I had to send my mom a Christmas list today and I realized that not only is the holiday approaching, but so is my birthday and I will be 24. I haven’t completed my thoughts on this yet, though the new issue of Psychology Today tells me I would be happier to think it through quickly and get it over with. I’d rather think about what CDs I’ll bring for the rental car on my trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving this Wednesday, while hoping that the rain and traffic both hold out until we safely arrive in Subdivision land.


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