trish bendix

Shut up, Frenchie

Posted in Uncategorized by trishbendix on November 11, 2007

Last night, Kyle, Brandon and Matt had a party at their Humboldt Park home, the Pony Ranch, which I prefer to call the Pony Express. Their place is huge with an art studio that makes me wish I was good at art-type things. They also have their posters and work hung on the walls throughout the Ranch, complete with Kyle’s characters and Matt’s Spanish sex depiction that required an explanation.

We made fun of them for inviting over all of their friends and putting out business cards. Brandon didn’t have any pre-made to advertise his services such as erotic massage, so Jamie helped him to draw some up.

In the front room, they have keyboards, a mic, guitars, and an instrument they made from a beer can and foil called the Moneymaker. Kyle instructed Jamie to take pictures of everyone at the party shaking the Moneymaker, and she set out to fulfill this lofty goal.

Someone bought the boys a new keyholder shaped like a camera, so they were going to pitch their wooden boat keyholder. Megan claimed it before it was smashed, having moments before just commenting on how great it was.

We waited for the train home with a kind fellow from the party that Jamie recognized from her Moneymaker pictoral. We talked about networking under the heat lamps until the train eventually came and he got off after one stop. He was our Facebook friend by morning.


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