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It’ll be the greatest night that has ever been night

Posted in Uncategorized by trishbendix on November 4, 2007

Favorite news item of the week(early notification, thanks to Ms. Sabella) is the Waukegan girls who were voted cutest couple and being featured in their high school yearbook, despite protests from parents. Good to see some teens combating homophobia in Chicagoland. Second favorite: I received the new Tender Forever album from K this week and listened to it today while cleaning my apartment and doing things like throwing out promo CDs I’ve collected over the years. I discovered a bunch of unmarked burnt CDs that I have to listen to and toss or label.

My friend Jessica is the co-producer of a show at the Lakeshore Theater called Col. Ritter’s Spectacular Hour of Wonderment. It used to go on Saturday nights at midnight, but just debuted at a new night and time on Thursday. It was quite spectacular, as I would expect nothing less from Jessica. It was a variety show of sorts with magicians, comedians, tap dancers, and other performers hosted by the talented Reggie Watts. The Lakeshore is a great space and they seem to be bringing in a lot of great music and other shows lately. I’m still kicking myself that I missed Janeane Garafalo there a couple of months ago.

Saturday, Kristen and Rachel participated in Time Out’s Chili-a-Go-Go at Martyr’s. They were the only vegetarian chili out of 25 participants, but Rachel speculated that they were not the only lesbians.

Despite our votes, and Rachel’s chanting “19! 19! 19!” as a reminder before ballots were counted, the meat won out and three dudes won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It was way more crowded than I expected, as people scoured to get cups of chili before the servers ran out. They had a couple of performances from go-go dancers, The Janes, which wasn’t all too entertaining until the chili contest winners danced in between their hoolahoops. I wonder when the Janes get together to practice, how much their costumes are, and how they decided to get together and choreograph ’60s dance moves with props in their spare time.



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