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Hey, do you like Shania?

Posted in Uncategorized by trishbendix on October 29, 2007

Saturday I lived my suburban dream and went to Goebbert’s Pumpkin Farm in Barrington. Veegs, Jamie and I ventured out amongst the children in Halloween costumes and their parents who tried to keep them from being brats (they failed.) It reaffirmed for me that I am non-matronly, and also that I hate zoos. The makeshift zoo had barnyard animals and exotic animals like zebras and giraffes. It was more elaborate than I expected, but it made us wonder if they were comfortable on the concrete covered sparsely in hay.

There was a pig race that we opted out of watching after hearing the announcer make puns like “Paris Swilton” and got lost in the corn maze, where we were in an unannounced race ourselves, against an angsty teen who was sprinting through the paths. (We won).

We took part in the autumn food and drink such as apple cider, cider donuts, and pumpkin pie. We also took advantage of the hay ride, which is when we officially realized we were the only people there without children attached to us. The wooden wagon took us over bumps in between the crop fields and through a spooked-out barn. One little girl wasn’t a fan of the masked villains we drove past, and she shoved her face into her massive bag of popcorn. It made Jamie want something called a popcorn ball, which I am still perplexed about.

The haunted house came next, and it reminded me of the torture museum at the Renaissance Faire, with tiny rooms of animatronics. It was dark and cramped, which was probably the creepiest thing about it, although Jamie and Veegs screamed when a gust of wind shot at our feet and simultaneously there was banging above our heads. We finished safely and then went to select our mini pumpkins.


At the end of the day, we faced the traffic and headed back to the city. Later that evening, we decorated our pumpkins with paint, which reinforced that I am awful at anything artistic. We listened to Halloween-themed tunes from the likes of Marilyn Manson, the Ramones and Elvira, who apparently has a rap album. We also rented When a Stranger Calls to commence our day o’Halloween.

Today, we bought Stella a costume at Doggy Style, and she proudly wore it home. She makes a beautiful cow. If I don’t figure out a Halloween costume before Wednesday, I will carry her around with me instead.


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