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Posted in Uncategorized by trishbendix on October 18, 2007

My sister came with Jamie and I to Outdanced! last night and it was our first time going in almost a year. All three rooms were packed for the evening’s DJs, JD Samson and Spinderella aka my seventh-grade soundtrack o’ Salt N Peppa fame. It was the same melting pot of people I remember, dancing to familiar songs remixed almost beyond recognition. When there was room to dance, I tried to learn the “Superman” dance that Kate does so well. I’m really behind on the latest choreography crazes, but she’s my hip-hop connection.

This weekend is Ladyfest, and I’m going to see Bunny Rabbit for the second time this year. When they played Empty Bottle, it was the best use of a tutu and rabbit’s foot I’d ever seen. They’ll be playing with Partyline and Glass Candy at Av-Aerie, which is what Ladyfest means to me. I plan to hit up some of the panels and craft/rummage sale as well. I’ll be able to utilize my new digital camera that I will not drop or break like the previous two. Knock on wood.

Otherwise, I’ll be sitting amongst my newly purchased fall scented candles that make my apartment blissfully cozy. Candles and my DVR.


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