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You better start from the start

Posted in Uncategorized by trishbendix on October 15, 2007

Some events change, but my weekend rituals usually consist of sleeping in (anywhere from 9 a.m. to noon, depending on said events and time they ended the night before), gradually waking up and nudging Jamie to do the same, and taking Stella on a walk to Alliance Bakery, where I go inside to get us bagels and coffee while Stella meets other dogs in front of the cafe. I subscribed to the Sun-Times over the summer as part of a neighborhood program to give “teens something to do besides join gangs,” and half of the time it’s on my stoop, and the other half it is stolen. It was stolen both yesterday and today, but I had magazines to catch up on, so it worked out well. Sometimes we buy Sunday’s New York Times, but we woke up later today–care of Jenny Hoyston not playing until midnight last night and our deciding to walk home the mile and a half from AV-Aerie–and Alliance was out.

I have had a magazine-purchasing problem my entire life (thanks to my literate father and the Michigan News Agency in Kalamazoo) but living in close proximity to Quimby’s, and my gym being located next to Barnes and Noble makes it increasingly difficult to not buy them on a regular basis. It’s also part of my inspiration to go to the gym though–get on that treadmill and you can buy yourself a new issue.

My mom recently bought me a subscription to the O, The Oprah magazine, which I’m very excited about. I rarely subscribe to magazines as I like the bookstore experience, but it was for some Girl Scout-esque program my mom’s co-worker’s daughter was participating in, so I took the opportunity to have Oprah come directly to me on a monthly basis. I finally caught up on last month’s issue today.

It was a rare weekend that Jamie and I both didn’t have any writing due, though the Paradise Island show was technically work for my new music column at AfterEllen. The past month we have both had assignments–mine were interviews and research oriented, but hers were more participatory and I got to tag along on four ghost tours and one Maroon 5 concert.

We’d planned to go to Around the Coyote over the weekend, but instead ended up going to brunch, checking out Halloween USA, and having my sister and her boyfriend over, going to the show, and catching up on all the aforementioned reading. But I still got my coffee and bagel.


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